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Key Sectors

Limburg is renowned for its unique entrepreneur-friendly climate. 

Companies from more than 25 countries have already invested in Limburg, bringing to the province a unique network of both local and international entrepreneurs. 

No matter what sector you are in, Locate in Limburg provides one single contact point for all your queries concerning your investment in Limburg.

Spearhead sectors in Limburg include Health & Care, Smart logistics, Smart and Sustainable Industries(Cleantech, Createch & ICT, Mechatronica). Within these sectors, ‘’ is marketing its advantages on a global scale.

Smart Logistics

Limburg, the logistics hotspot located at the heart of Europe, has a direct connection with the ports of Antwerp (80 km) and Rotterdam (175 km). 
Specifically for the port of Antwerp it serves as the ‘gateway to Europe’. The multi-modal access (by road, railway, water and air) and the availability of cost-efficient support services (transportation, customs, ICT, as well as the presence of logistics business infrastructure and skilled workers) make Limburg a logistics hotspot . 

A large number of international companies have already invested in Limburg by means of global and European distribution centres or by outsourcing their European distribution activities to one of the key logistics players. That, combined with the proximity of large European hubs like TNT in Liege and UPS in Cologne, is the reason why Cushman & Wakefield place Limburg at the top of the logistic hotspots list until at least 2019.

Last but not least, the Logistics Platform Limburg (LPL), a one-stop-shop consultation platform, forms the link between business, politics and education.


Health & Care

Medtech - Caretech - Biotech

Limburg makes a resolute choice for Life. The Life Sciences sector involves medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Limburg achievements on the Life Sciences front include the British Apitope (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnostics), Helvoet Pharma (packaging of pharmaceuticals), Amakem (drug development), Pharmaneuroboost (drug development) and Medinvents (biopsy needles). 

Besides various local funding channels, investors can also call on the available academic research expertise, and have access to industry and hospitals via, a help tool for Life Sciences developments in the region.

Limburg also offers a specialised infrastructure and services for young, starting as well as more advanced biotechnical companies through its own bio-incubator building BioVille, at the campus of the Hasselt University.


Smart and Sustainable Industries

Cleantech - Mechtronica - Createch & ICT

Limburg: the crossroads between economy and ecology. Limburg puts a lot of effort into Cleantech, for instance through its own climate plan: a joint commitment of Limburg, LRM and its partners to make the province climate neutral by 2020. 

Key players in the Cleantech & Energy sector include Punch Powertrain (CVT, hybrid drive), Group Machiels (waste-to-material) and Hansen Transmissions (gearboxes for wind turbines).

The, an extensive network of leading cleantech representatives from companies, knowledge centres, investors and authorities, focuses on fostering cleantech knowledge transmission and assembly of expertise. 
EnergyVille in Genk is the place where energy research & development and business development come together. Widely regarded as the top European centre in the field of green energy, research and development, EnergyVille is also a partner in the European knowledge and innovation community for energy (KIC InnoEnergy), a cooperative of universities, research institutions and industry, supported by the EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. 
Greenville, the Cleantech Campus in Houthalen, offers a unique business park focusing on cleantech-related companies. 

Also worth mentioning is the initiation of several state-of-the-art projects involving alternative power generating methods, such as methane gas extraction (coal-bed methane or CBM) and the European MetaPV project.


The ICT & Media sector provides countless cross-sectoral synergies, such as e-health and Smart Grids. Key players in the ICT & Media sector in Limburg include Concentra (media group) and Cegeka (end-to-end ICT solutions), the latter being one of the largest players in the Benelux region. 

The Expertise centre of Digital Media (EDM) is a leading research centre at Hasselt University specialising in computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction and Communication Technology. 
The leading tech campus in the heart of the EUREGIO; Corda Campus in Hasselt and C-mine Crib in Genk (Gaming industry) provide a tailor-made ICT infrastructure.

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