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    Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Limburg makes a resolute choice for Life. The Life Sciences sector involves medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Limburg achievements on the Life Sciences front include the British Apitope (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnostics), Helvoet Pharma (packaging of pharmaceuticals), Amakem (drug development), Pharmaneuroboost (drug development) and Medinvents (biopsy needles).

Besides various local funding channels, investors can also call on the available academic research expertise, and have access to industry and hospitals via, a help tool for Life Sciences developments in the region.

Limburg also offers a specialised infrastructure and services for young, starting as well as more advanced biotechnical companies through its own bio-incubator building BioVille, at the campus of the Hasselt University.


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