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Limburg, the logistics hotspot located at the heart of Europe, has a direct connection with the ports of Antwerp (80 km) and Rotterdam (175 km). Specifically for the port of Antwerp it serves as the ‘gateway to Europe’. The multi-modal access (by road, railway, water and air) and the availability of cost-efficient support services (transportation, customs, ICT, as well as the presence of logistics business infrastructure and skilled workers) make Limburg a logistics hotspot .

A large number of international companies have already invested in Limburg by means of global and European distribution centres or by outsourcing their European distribution activities to one of the key logistics players. That, combined with the proximity of large European hubs like TNT in Liege and UPS in Cologne, is the reason why Cushman & Wakefield place Limburg at the top of the logistic hotspots list until at least 2020.

Last but not least, the Logistics Platform Limburg (LPL), a one-stop-shop consultation platform, forms the link between business, politics and education.


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