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Furthermore Limburg's geography puts it in the centre of the ELAt knowledge triangle (Eindhoven, Louvain, Aachen), a well linked network of world class universities and research centres, which frequently and intensely join forces in a wide array of knowledge areas. There is excellent collaboration with neighbouring universities, such as the Delft University of Technology,  Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Liège. Limburg is a breeding ground for highly-qualified talent in the centre of a renowned "knowledge region". The perfect base for every knowledge-driven business with ambition.

Good access

The ELAt-triangle stretches across a relatively compact area with excellent rail and road links and multiple regional airports. This smooth internal access stimulates intense cooperation.

Cross-border innovation development

The ELAt-region excels in innovation development. Its numerous knowledge institutes, research centres, incubators and network organisations give oxygen to the innovation potential.

Technology specialisation

Limburg is home to nanotechnology, ICT, LifeTech, CleanTech, Logistics and CreaTech. This persistent focus pays.

Strong economies of scale

Combine resources for efficiency of investment, larger labour markets or access to wider business and knowledge networks to increase critical mass.

Experimenting is easy

Setting up a collaboration ad hoc or temporarily is quite easy in the ELAt-region, even without joint financing. Thus creating endless opportunities.

Cross-brder measures, structures and actions

faciliate collaboration.

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