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  • Tax incentives

Tax incentives

Locating in Limburg is financially interesting. Owing to a package of business-friendly measures, Belgium is one of the most interesting countries to establish and do business in. Furthermore you can benefit from a range of subsidies in Limburg. Hence the regional and national government co-invest in the growth of your company.


Government support

Both Regional (Flanders) and Federal (Belgium) authorities offer support via direct subsidies and fiscal measures.

 Tax reductions belong to the core business  of the Federal Authorities. The most important ones are:

The Regional Authorities (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IWT and PMV) support new and existing companies by means of subsidies and they also provide risk capital.


Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

offers you several products, of which the most important ones are:

We also encourage innovation in Flanders through financial support, networking and by facilitating international cooperation. To this end we support both small and large businesses, organizations, research centers and researchers via different support programmes.


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